• By engaging in any physical activity at VaultFitness, you acknowledge that you are physically capable of participating in the provided programs and agree that all exercise and use of the facility are undertaken at your sole risk.
  • Vault Fitness recommends consulting a physician before participating in any Fitness program.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the workout floor, and children from 12 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Treat others with respect, use respectful language.
  • Please do not slam, drop, bounce, or jerk the weight equipment during your exercise routine, and refrain from excessing grunting, screaming, or cursing.
  • Wipe down all equipment after each use with sanitizer and towels provided.
  • Report and Equipment malfunctions to management.
  • Vault Fitness will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, so please leave all valuables at home or in a secure location.
  • Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks
  • NO Sexual harassment of any kind permitted and will result in immediate termination of membership.
  • Vault Fitness reserves the right to amend or add to these conditions as it may deem necessary for the proper management of the club and the business
  • Don’t Drop the weights.
  • No foul Language or inappropriate behavior
  • Share Equipment, do not hog space, move along with your routine.
  • RE-RACK your weights.
  • If you use it put it back.
  • Don’t offer unsolicited advice.
  • Do Offer & ask for a spot and assistance when needed.
  • Always Wipe down equipment after each use.
  • Keep Your music to yourself (Ear buds).
  • Respect personal space!
  • NO Sexual Harassment.

Approved Guest must be 18 years or older. Check in at front desk during staffed hours, $10 guest pass, must sign liability waiver at front desk.

We require 2 weeks before next payments due date to cancel, if you need to cancel prior to 2 weeks one final payment will be pulled allowing you another month access and then membership will terminate. Cancelation form needs to be signed which can be done in person or via email. Please contact us during staffed hours, email TheVaultFitness24@gmail.com or by texting afterhours number 503-884-1667

We require that members must be at least 16 years old. We require that a parent or legal guardian be present during enrollment.

If you are between the ages of 12-15, you are more than welcome to work for $15 a month on guardians acct. & signed waiver on file. Must be accompanied by guardian, that is a member, during workout session or by one of our personal training team during a session.

$35 Annual fee pulled May 5th every year. The fee is used for gym maintenance, upgrades, and upkeep.